Lace Install Kit (6055210352804)

Mean Grip™ Lace Install Kit ( LIMITED-TIME OFFER )

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Get all the essentials for the perfect meltdown in one bundle at one ridiculously low price.

Mean Grip Adhesive
Our Mean Grip adhesive is like no other! Non toxic,  Latex free, and waterproof, with a MEAN and STRONG hold! It really gives a MEAN hold! This adhesive is sweat proof as well but you must clean your skin really good with 91%  or 70% alcohol and prime your skin with our Mean Grip skin protector

Mean Grip Remover
Use Mean Grip Remover to remove your adhesive lace SAFELY

Mean Grip Tint Mousse
Mean Grip Lace Tint Mousse is a saviour for all Lace Wigs,  Lace Frontals and Lace Closures.  Our easy to use lace tint mousse is a easy and safe way to tint your lace. Our lace tint mousse is premium quality that gives a natural finish that matches with your skin

Edge Bush and comb

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