Mean Grip Melt Spray (7825336697055)

Mean Grip™ Melt Spray

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Our Melt Spray is a quick and easy  lace wig spray that is a temporary hold  lace product, and it's gentle on the skin and hair. If can be removed with water and does not leave heavy residue.


1.Remove all residues and dirt around the hairline.

2. Spray thin layers above the hairline or where you're placing the lace.

3. Wait until melt spray becomes tacky or dry with a blow dryer.

4. Apply lace onto the tacky substance that you created above your hairline.

5. Spray more layers as needed.

6. Tie down for 15-20 minters for best results.



water, butyl glycol, polyethylene, Pycodone, glycerides, polysorbitol, Ester-20, hydroxyethyl cellulose, double (hydroxy methyl) methylene, (daily use) Flavors, hydrolysed wheat protein, EDTA, sodium, semi-lactose arabic polysaccharides, Ubiquinol.



• Do not apply to irritated skin or lace frontal 

• Pre-test on skin before use. 

• Avoid contact with eyes. 

• Keep out of reach of children






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